Friday, November 17, 2006

Gargamel Zagorans and Bakobaso

Three standard size (9 inch) figures from Gargamel.

The figures in the foreground and back left are "Zagorans" from the Zotsuki Monstrous Beast Series.

The Zagoran ("Zag") in the foreground is the SDCC (2006) Tim Biskup Limited Edition (frosted paint with pearlized pink, gold and green). This Biskup version was limited to 80 figures total with a signed and numbered Letter Pressed printed header card (a really nice header card by Mark Begley - red with beautiful shiny gold and black inks). These were available from Gargamel at SDCC at the Max Toy Company booth.

The Zag in the background on the left is the so-called "original color" version Zagoran - orange vinyl with paint (2005).

The figure in the back right is a (Siberian) "Bakobasu." It is brown vinyl with blue paint, and has clear vinyl on the front and back so that you can see its "guts" (2006). The Bakobasu is essentially a Zagoran with a different head - the lower bodies on both figures are identical.

I will show some individual pics of these three figures another time. In the meantime, here is a picture from the Letter Pressed website (see links) of the Biskup header card:

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Calvin said...

Loving the Gargamel! Keep up the good work Geo.

Mark said...

Thanks for the plug Geo! Sorry I haven't posted here sooner, been busy. This is a great outlet for your pix!!

geozilla said...

Welcome, Calvin and Mark!

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Onibaba said...

I was at comicon and could have purchased the biskup zagoran for 150,
now I regret not getting it. Great figure!