Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mystellar Seijin

Mystellar Seijin is a alien from another world that appeared in the Ultraman Jack TV series. The version in the photos is a B-Club reproduction of the original Bullmark figure. (Standard size about 9 inches tall.)

First Appearance: The Ultraman Who Returned: Space Warriors, Your Name is M.A.T. (1973)

There were apparently two Mystellar Seijins that appeared in the Ultraman Jack, one "good" and one "evil."

I think these facts and figures about the Mystellar are correct:


Cannon - The Mystellar 'trunks' can fire out blasts of energy that can cause small explosions. Only the evil one has shown this ability.

Mind Control - The Mystellar can take control of a being's mind and have them do their biddings. Only the evil one has shown this ability.

Growth - The Mystellar can increase their sizes from that of a human to that of a massive creature (164 feet tall).

Disguise - The Mystellar can disguise themselves as a human when they want to.

ミステラー星人(善,悪) 斯泰拉星人(好、坏)ブルマァク

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