Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fire Hedorah (Custom by H. Lee Porter)

First, to provide some sense of scale for the Giant Marusan Hedorah (16 inch) (and the Giant Godzillas) shown in a previous post, here is the Giant Hedorah standing next to a standard-sized (9 inch) Marusan Hedorah. Both the giant and the standard are based on an original Marusan vintage style sculpt. The big guy was released in 2006; the standard guy in 2004.

But more important, the standard Hedorah shown here was custom painted in a "molten" or "fire" style by H. Lee Porter, a talented painter and kaiju toy customizer hailing from Seattle. You can see his excellent work by following the link to his site included in my list of favorite sites on this blog. Also, there will be a feature article about Lee and his quality custom painted kaiju figures in an upcoming issue of PlayTimes Magazine, a Singapore toy publication with world-wide distribution. I am really looking forward to that! [Update: PlayTimes Magazine decided to stop publishing just after the article about Lee's custom work was scheduled to appear. Too bad! But the article may yet see the light of day in another magazine... ]

Here are a couple more pics of this great custom by Lee... Burn, baby, burn!!!

マルサン ヘドラ 溶岩 溶解した

Photos © 2006 Geozilla Omni-Monster. All rights reserved.


Jennifer said...

Ooooh, pretty!

geozilla said...

Hello, Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by!

geozilla said...
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Onibaba said...

I really, really love this custom Hedorah by Lee. This will have to be the first custom I commision!

creaturion said...

Gorgeous photos!

I'm the columnist who writes the kaiju column (called Kaiju Korner) for Playtimes. All the pieces are coming together, and the article, with loads of images of Lee's canvas and kaiju work, will be going to the editor quite soon. I would say you can expect to see the article in print in 6-8 weeks.