Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bullmark Metron Seijin from Ultraseven

Metron Seijin is a villain character from the Japanese TV show UltraSeven. This standard size figure (about 9 inches tall) was released by Bullmark in 1971. This was one of the very first Japanese vinyl figures in my collection. A much-prized piece of vintage kaiju! (More about Bullmark and Ultraseven below.)

About Bullmark:

“In 1969/70, Bullmark got the license from Marusan to do the Toho Kaiju. From this point until the mid-late 1970s, Bullmark released a wide variety of vinyl toys, in four different sizes, and including a number of Marusan reissues, albeit with different paint schemes. In addition to vinyl figures, Bullmark also released Die-Cast and tin toys. Many Bullmark vinyl figures come in multiple paint variations as well.” [Source: Club Tokyo.]

“The company was also known simply as Bull by many people due to their logo of a bull which was stamped on the bottoms of the feet of many of their toys. Bullmark went out of business in 1977.” [Source: Wikipedia.]

About Ultraseven:

Ultraseven aired on Japanese TV in 1967. The show was created by Eiji Tsuburaya as a follow-up to Ultraman, and perhaps as Japan's answer to Star Trek: The Original Series.
Ultraseven is sometimes incorrectly called "Ultraman Seven." [Source: Wikipedia.]

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