Wednesday, November 29, 2006

M1Go Hedorah (M1号オリジナルカラー)

M1 Go Hedorah. Standard size. This is the original M1 Go red vinyl edition released in 2005. The sculpt is based on the vintage Bullmark Hedorah figure.

Hedorah (ヘドラ Hedora), also known as the "Smog Monster," is a fictional creature from the 1971 film "Godzilla vs. Hedorah" (titled "Godzilla vs the Smog Monster" in the U.S.). The monster was named for hedoro (ヘドロ), the Japanese word for sludge, vomit, slime or chemical ooze.

Hedorah is a monster from outer space who fed on pollution. In its first form, it resembled a tadpole. In its second form, it resembled a quadrupedal reptile. Its third form was like a flying saucer, and its final form took on a humanoid shape (the M1Go figure here shows the monster in its final form).

Hedorah was a very powerful Kaiju, perhaps one of the strongest opponents Godzilla faced. Hedorah possessed many special abilities. Hedorah's primary forms of attack were to squirt chunks of its own acidic body at its opponent, and to shoot a red laser beam from its eye.

In its flying form, Hedorah was also able to fly, and spread a mist of sulphuric acid as it went along, and in its final form it could revert back to its flying form at will.

Hedorah's defensive capabilities were very strong as well. Hedorah was completely immune to Godzilla's atomic breath, and conventional weapons would just pass straight through Hedorah's body. When Godzilla would try to tear into Hedorah's body, this proved ineffective as well, resulting in the flesh on Godzilla's paw dissolving all the way down to the bone. Only Hedorah's eyes seem to be affected by his own liquid sludge.

As far as intelligence, Hedorah seemed curious and easily fell into traps; he also seemed to know when his opponent was too strong for him.

[Source: Adapted from Wikipedia.]

[Note: Hedorah figures have been produced in many forms by many different toy manufacturers. Some of the other versions will be featured here in the future.]

M1号 ブルマァク ヘドラ
ブルマァク復刻 ヘドラ : 赤成型色

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