Wednesday, November 29, 2006

M1Go Hedorah (M1号オリジナルカラー)

M1 Go Hedorah. Standard size. This is the original M1 Go red vinyl edition released in 2005. The sculpt is based on the vintage Bullmark Hedorah figure.

Hedorah (ヘドラ Hedora), also known as the "Smog Monster," is a fictional creature from the 1971 film "Godzilla vs. Hedorah" (titled "Godzilla vs the Smog Monster" in the U.S.). The monster was named for hedoro (ヘドロ), the Japanese word for sludge, vomit, slime or chemical ooze.

Hedorah is a monster from outer space who fed on pollution. In its first form, it resembled a tadpole. In its second form, it resembled a quadrupedal reptile. Its third form was like a flying saucer, and its final form took on a humanoid shape (the M1Go figure here shows the monster in its final form).

Hedorah was a very powerful Kaiju, perhaps one of the strongest opponents Godzilla faced. Hedorah possessed many special abilities. Hedorah's primary forms of attack were to squirt chunks of its own acidic body at its opponent, and to shoot a red laser beam from its eye.

In its flying form, Hedorah was also able to fly, and spread a mist of sulphuric acid as it went along, and in its final form it could revert back to its flying form at will.

Hedorah's defensive capabilities were very strong as well. Hedorah was completely immune to Godzilla's atomic breath, and conventional weapons would just pass straight through Hedorah's body. When Godzilla would try to tear into Hedorah's body, this proved ineffective as well, resulting in the flesh on Godzilla's paw dissolving all the way down to the bone. Only Hedorah's eyes seem to be affected by his own liquid sludge.

As far as intelligence, Hedorah seemed curious and easily fell into traps; he also seemed to know when his opponent was too strong for him.

[Source: Adapted from Wikipedia.]

[Note: Hedorah figures have been produced in many forms by many different toy manufacturers. Some of the other versions will be featured here in the future.]

M1号 ブルマァク ヘドラ
ブルマァク復刻 ヘドラ : 赤成型色

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Monday, November 27, 2006

DxSxHx Stag Beetle

Stag Beetle by Dark Side Hero Toys (2004). Green version with paint. Edition of 30. Includes custom green Obitsu body; two "brain heads" (one painted yellow, orange and purple; and one unpainted); and extra green Obitsu body hands, feet and neck pieces).

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mystellar Seijin

Mystellar Seijin is a alien from another world that appeared in the Ultraman Jack TV series. The version in the photos is a B-Club reproduction of the original Bullmark figure. (Standard size about 9 inches tall.)

First Appearance: The Ultraman Who Returned: Space Warriors, Your Name is M.A.T. (1973)

There were apparently two Mystellar Seijins that appeared in the Ultraman Jack, one "good" and one "evil."

I think these facts and figures about the Mystellar are correct:


Cannon - The Mystellar 'trunks' can fire out blasts of energy that can cause small explosions. Only the evil one has shown this ability.

Mind Control - The Mystellar can take control of a being's mind and have them do their biddings. Only the evil one has shown this ability.

Growth - The Mystellar can increase their sizes from that of a human to that of a massive creature (164 feet tall).

Disguise - The Mystellar can disguise themselves as a human when they want to.

ミステラー星人(善,悪) 斯泰拉星人(好、坏)ブルマァク

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Kaijujitsu - Tyrant (タイラント (クリアー))

Tyrant is from Ultraman Taro and is number 47 in the Tsuburaya toy line. By Yamanaya (Yamanaya Kaijukyou) (やまなや 怪獣郷)

(暴君怪獣 タイラント (クリアー)「ウルトラマンタロウ」より)

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M1Go UltraSeven Alien Chibull (チブル星人)

Alien Chibull was an extraterrestrial villian from UltraSeven.

Here is some more general information about the UltraSeven TV show:

"UltraSeven, aka Special Agent 340 from "The Land of Light" located in the Nebula M78; an intergalactic Astronomer who found himself defending the planet Earth, which he considers his second home.

UltraSeven was created as a sequel to Tsuburaya Productions' immensely popular Ultraman series. Ultraman ran from July 1966 through April 1967. UltraSeven followed six months later in October 1967, spanning 49 episodes. UltraSeven was the third of what now numbers thirteen Ultra series and counting. Beginning in 1966 with the 28 episode, black and white series Ultra Q and continuing today with the currently running Ultraman Gaia. Ultraman and all its incarnations have become cultural icons in Japan and runaway hits all over the world."

Alien Chibull made an appearance in Episode 9 of UltraSeven (Android Zero Directive (Toys In Crisis)). Broadcast Date: 11/26/67.

Here is a synyopsis of Episode 9:

"Children's toys are becoming real. Toy guns that fire real bullets, toy jets that streak through the air on real exhaust, all with a strange insignia and all sold to the children by an old street vendor. Dan and Soga find the hideout of the inventor who is not only creating toys, but also androids there.

He tells them of his plan to arm and control all the Earth's children and set them loose on mankind. After all, who would harm children? This is all set to take place at midnight, "Zero Hour." He then orders "toy" tanks, jets and robots to attack Dan and Soga. Dan changes to UltraSeven and chases them to the roof of a department store where he discovers that the old man is an alien (Chibull). Seven defeats the alien and android maiden in a short rooftop battle. As midnight approaches, all is well."

[Source: Ultra Seven Episode Guide by Bob Johnson & August Ragone (Done for TNT's Ultra 7 Webpage).]

M1号 世紀の大怪獣シリーズ ウルトラ編 チブル星人

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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Ultraman Series Reproduction Baltan (2nd) by B-Club/Popy. Clear vinyl with paint.

ウルトラマンシリーズ バルタン星人 2期 クリア

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Faceless Bull - Target Earth!

This is "Faceless Bull" (フェイスレス ブル) by Target Earth ターゲットアース (Marmit). I know virtually nothing about him, except that it was a Superfestival limited edition. Really nice all black vinyl (no paint) and cool sculpt. A massive figure! (The other figure shown is the Iggy Man Machine by Exohead.)

If anybody has any information about the Faceless Bull, please share it here! Thanks!

マーミット ターゲットアース

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

M1Go Dada (Custom by Koji Harmon)

This is an M1Go GID Dada figure, painted with fluorescent paints by Koji Harmon.

Dada is a monster appearing in several of the Ultraman series. These creatures travelled to Earth extra-dimensionally, after intercepting a transmission from Earth.

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Ace Killer (Marmit Ichiganboshi Limited Ed.)

This is Ace Killer from the Marmit Daikaiju series. It is the Ichiganboshi Limited Ed. made of clear orange vinyl with gold sparkles.

As I understand it, Ace Killer is one of the bad guys (Chohjuh or "Terrible Monsters) from the Ultraman Ace TV show. Ultraman Ace (ウルトラマンA or ウルトラマンエース) was the 5th show in the Ultra series. It included 52 episodes that were broadcast in 1972 and 1973 (produced by Tsuburaya Productions).

(More information and pictures are available at the Marmit website - see my Kaiju links.)

マーミッ、一番星限定 怪獣天国エースキラー(ウルトラエネル ギーバージョン)

マーミット 世紀の大怪獣 エースキラー 一番星限定

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Dogora GID Figure and Finger Puppet

Here are a couple shots of the Dogora large figure and finger puppet made of GID and clear vinyl with multi-color metallic flecks. By Marmit.

The inspiration for this figure came from a movie, Giant Space Monster Dogora (宇宙大怪獣ドゴラ Uchu Daikaijū Dogora) released by Toho Studios in 1964. It was directed by Ishirō Honda and special-effects director Eiji Tsuburaya. In the movie, there are multiple Dogoras on the attack.

From Wikipedia: "The plot involves a carbon-eating mutated "space cell" (essentially a giant jellyfish in the sky) with the ability to multiply, and the havoc it wreaks on the lives of the Tokyo police and a group of diamond thieves. The Dogora eventually meet their end when the JSDF attack them with wasp venom, causing them to crystallize and fall to earth."

マーミット 世紀の大怪獣 ドゴラ 2

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kaijujitsu - Amapro Daikaiju Saihatari

Amapro Daikaiju Saihatari, Wonder Festival 2006 Summer Limited Edition. This guy is just really cool. New, neo-kaiju, but with a definite classic vintage feeling. Awesome skulpt, and beautiful paint. (Purchased from Kaiju-Taro.)

アマプロ 大怪獣サイハタリ 茶色 ワンダーフェスティバル2006夏限定

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Kaijujitsu - You better run for your life!

Giant Marusan Hedorah and Giant Marusan Godzilla (both mentioned in an earlier post) in action...

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Kaijujitsu - Random Shot - Marmit Matango

Matango in the fog...

This is a clear blue vinyl Marmit "Vinyl Paradise" Matango. Standard size.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Xam Alien Finger Puppets From Max Toy

I am a big fan of the Xam Alien finger puppets by Mark Nagata at Max Toys. Here is a checklist of what has been issued so far, and the few that are currently planned for release in the near future.

One of my personal favorites in the series is the metallic green version with red eye on GID vinyl. This was a Max Toy Club exclusive, limited to 20 (sold out of course). Here are a few pics of the metallic green guy:

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Bullmark Metron Seijin from Ultraseven

Metron Seijin is a villain character from the Japanese TV show UltraSeven. This standard size figure (about 9 inches tall) was released by Bullmark in 1971. This was one of the very first Japanese vinyl figures in my collection. A much-prized piece of vintage kaiju! (More about Bullmark and Ultraseven below.)

About Bullmark:

“In 1969/70, Bullmark got the license from Marusan to do the Toho Kaiju. From this point until the mid-late 1970s, Bullmark released a wide variety of vinyl toys, in four different sizes, and including a number of Marusan reissues, albeit with different paint schemes. In addition to vinyl figures, Bullmark also released Die-Cast and tin toys. Many Bullmark vinyl figures come in multiple paint variations as well.” [Source: Club Tokyo.]

“The company was also known simply as Bull by many people due to their logo of a bull which was stamped on the bottoms of the feet of many of their toys. Bullmark went out of business in 1977.” [Source: Wikipedia.]

About Ultraseven:

Ultraseven aired on Japanese TV in 1967. The show was created by Eiji Tsuburaya as a follow-up to Ultraman, and perhaps as Japan's answer to Star Trek: The Original Series.
Ultraseven is sometimes incorrectly called "Ultraman Seven." [Source: Wikipedia.]

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Kaijujitsu - Dethra Wing Tune-Up

Gargamel Dethra (Mini) and Obitsu Cyborg (Princess Street Limited Head).

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Gargamel Zagorans and Bakobaso

Three standard size (9 inch) figures from Gargamel.

The figures in the foreground and back left are "Zagorans" from the Zotsuki Monstrous Beast Series.

The Zagoran ("Zag") in the foreground is the SDCC (2006) Tim Biskup Limited Edition (frosted paint with pearlized pink, gold and green). This Biskup version was limited to 80 figures total with a signed and numbered Letter Pressed printed header card (a really nice header card by Mark Begley - red with beautiful shiny gold and black inks). These were available from Gargamel at SDCC at the Max Toy Company booth.

The Zag in the background on the left is the so-called "original color" version Zagoran - orange vinyl with paint (2005).

The figure in the back right is a (Siberian) "Bakobasu." It is brown vinyl with blue paint, and has clear vinyl on the front and back so that you can see its "guts" (2006). The Bakobasu is essentially a Zagoran with a different head - the lower bodies on both figures are identical.

I will show some individual pics of these three figures another time. In the meantime, here is a picture from the Letter Pressed website (see links) of the Biskup header card:

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some Twelve Inch Action (DxSxHx Stag Beetle)

Alrighty, then. This is a clear gray soft vinyl DxSxHx Stag Beetle suit on a super poseable, limited edition, black Obitsu body with chest "tattoos" that show through the suit. You can see the red eyes of the cool inner "bug" head through the clear gray outer head.

Super limited! The quality just reeks! I love this guy.

I also have a supreme black Stag Beetle suit custom painted by Koji Harmon that I will post another time.

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Kaijujitsu - Random Kaiju Image - Ikarus (Please don't pop a vein!)

Well, this is the first of some random images I wll be posting from time to time, usually just because I like them.

This is Ikarus by Yamanaya. Ikarus is from Ultra7. This figure was initially released in 1999 and was updated in 2003.

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