Monday, July 27, 2009

KittyFire キティファイヤー by Mark Nagata

KittyFire, a Mirrorman ミラーマン villian. Shown here in two versions: the red vinyl and green GID vinyl . Each stands 15 inches tall. Figure designed by Mark Nagata (licensed by Tsuburaya Productions, Japan.)

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Toy Karma 2 at Rotofugi in September 2009!!!

Prior to the show, from Mark Nagata's Blog:

"After 2 years since the first, ground breaking show, this September 5th, 2009, Toy Karma, the Kaiju and Japanese art toy show returns to Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago ! I am honored to once again be curating this show. This show features a staggering 68+, gathering of artists, designers and customizers , the largest gathering ever for this type of show ! I dare not single out any one artist, so look at the list and I am sure you will recognized familiar names, but we wanted to make sure we also had up and coming artists, too. Check out Rotofugi's web site and forum for more updates, we will also have the Toy Karma web site updated in a few days as well... Exclusive toys and artists attending will be posted in the weeks to come ... ! I will be there for the opening and look forward to seeing all the cool Kaiju art !!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mogera モゲラ by Marmit マーミット

This figure is based on Mogera モゲラ (Moguera) from the 1957 movie “Earth Defense Force” (Chikyū Bōeigun 地球防衛軍) which was released in the US as “The Mysterians.”

The last two photos show Mogera with a die-cast Robby the Robot figure that came with the Forbidden Planet reissue DVD. For more information on the Marmit Mogera kit, see here.

商品名:リアルソフビキット モゲラ  <特撮映画『地球防衛軍』より> シリーズ名:リアル ソフビキット マーミット リアルソフビキット モゲラ。 通販限定アイテ ム です。 大きさは約25cmです

Photos © 2010 Geozilla Omni-Monster. All rights reserved.