Friday, December 22, 2006

Alien Waiell (ワイアール星人) (Ultraseven Episode 2)

Alien Waiell from Ultraseven Episode 2 [緑の恐怖 (Terror in Green) (Midori-No Kyofu) (Shrubs From Space)] [10/8/67].

This figure is by Bearmodel (ベアモデル). It is standard size (about 9 inches tall).

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In the show, the monster is pretty much all green in color. A human character transforms into the monster while riding on the street car sitting next to his wife. She turns to hand him a piece of fruit she has peeled for him, sees what he has become and SCREAMS...

I believe that the monster's name (Y Earl) has something to do with the word "chlorophyll" with some of the letters removed.

Alternative names: Alien Wyall (Waiaaru Seijin).
Alias: Living Thing X (Human Plant X)
Weapon: Needle Light Ray

ワイアール星人 (Y Earl Star Person)
別 名 ... 生物X
特徴・武器 ... 同化液で人間をワイアール星人にする ニードル光線
弱点・最期 ... アイスラッガー
ウルトラセブン (Urutora Sebun)

One place to find a summary of Episode 2 (緑の恐怖 Terror in Green) is MJ-12's very cool Ultraseven website here.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alien Shaplay (Alien Shapure) (シャプレー星人 ) from Ultraseven

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This figure was released in 2000 by Bandai/B-Club as a reproduction of BullMark.

The engraving on the back is is the Bullmark company emblem and Tsuburaya-Production copyright notice.
Alien Shaplay appeared on the episode 20 from Ultraseven, titled "Defeat Earthquake Source X" (地震源Xを倒せ), with Giradorus (ギラドラス).

(See other Omni-Monster posts for more information on Ultraseven.)


特徴・武器 : 変身 ギラドラスを操る シャプレー光線
弱点・最期 : ウルトラガン

ウルトラセブン シャプレー星人 暗黒星人


バンダイ ブルマァク

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gumous by Dream Rocket ドリームロケット 宇虫怪獣グモーズ

This is the Max Toy limited edition of the Gumous by Dream Rocket (Japan) and Shono Kikaku. In fact, it was the first figure offered for sale by Max Toy and was limited to only 20 numbered pieces. It came in a bag with a header card. (The Gumous figure in a different colorway was also the first figure produced by Dream Rocket.)

Beautiful GID (glow-in-the-dark) vinyl. It is about 10 inches tall.

I believe that this is my favorite colorway of this very cool figure.

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Information about this figure from the Dream Rocket site indicates (I think!) that the Gumous chrysalis was discovered on Mars in what seemed to be fossilized form. It was brought back to Earth, and, when subjected to radiation at the space science center, it came alive, grew to a giant monster of about 130 feet tall, and started going on the rampage.

It also appears that the idea for the Gumous monster was developed by its creator over a period of 30 years, starting with preliminary sketches in elementary school, later refined in middle school, and ultimately being realized in kaiju toy form at last, something the creator never really dreamed would happen.

Please don't hesitate to correct me if my interpretation is incorrect!

[Original Text from Dream Rocket web site]

・モンスターファイル・第3話 グモーズのさなぎ 火星の地下で発見された化石が地球に運び込まれてきた。 しかしその中には、 仮死状態になっていた宇宙昆虫グモーズのさなぎも含まれてい た。 宇宙科学センターで放射線を浴びたさなぎは永い眠りからさめ宇虫怪獣に変貌。 40mに成長したグモーズは街を破壊し始める。 宇虫怪獣 グモーズ ・身長40m  体重1万t ・6本の腕で獲物を捕獲し、頭からバリバリ食べる。 ・腕の爪は鋼鉄でも簡単に引き裂く。 ・口から緑色の毒液を吐く。 ドリームロケットの初商品! デビュー作!!感無量であります。 ともかく目立とうと思い可動する腕を6本付けました。 おかげで製作費が 予定よりもUPしてしまいました。 ですが、この時の情熱や勢いは 忘れずにいたいものです。 グモーズの原案は、小学1,2年の時の お絵書きノートで生まれました。この時はまだ  腕も2本で羽もなく虫の怪獣ではありませんでした。 その後も、中学の時のノートや、バイト先の店の伝票や、社会人になってからも 書類 の端に幾度となく姿を変えながら現れたものです。 考えてみたら、コイツとは30年以上のつきあいになります。 コイツも 自分がソフビ人形になるとは、夢にも思っていなかったでしょう。

[Original Text Auto Translation (not accurate, but gives you some sense)]

The fossil discovered underground on Mars in chrysalis of the monster file and the third story Gmorz was carried to the earth. However, the chrysalis of space insect Gmorz that was in the state of apparent death was included in that. The chrysalis was bathed in the radiation at the space science center and is transfigured to waking up insect monster from long sleep. Gmorz that grows up to 40m begins to destroy the town. The space/large house insect monstrous beast Gmorz and height 40m weight 10,000tons ・ captures the catch by the 6 arms, and eats from the head. - The fingernail of the arm tears easily up steel. - A green venom is vomited from the mouth.

The first commodity of Dream Rocket. It is a debut work fullness of the heart. It was thought that it stood out at any rate and put up six movable arms. The output cost has done UP from the schedule by the favor. Zeal and the power at this time do not forget and however, are painful. The original bill of Gmorz arose in picture writing note of elementary school 1 or 2 years. The arm had not had two wings yet and either no monster of the insect at this time. Afterwards, it is the one that appeared while transmogrifying it to the edge of the document on countless occasions after it becomes the note of the junior high school, the slip of the shop the byte ahead, and a member of society. It becomes association for 30 years or more with [Koitsu] when thinking. [Koitsu] might not have thought even in dream that it would ever become [sohubi] doll.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Hedorahs - Two of a Perfect Pair ヘドラ

Two custom painted and modified Y-MSF Hedorahs (each about 6 inches tall).

These were customized by Mondhexe (kaiju collector, and leading member and founder of the band Deep Soda - new album forthcoming - check out the Deep Soda website here).

As you can see, Mondhexe did some really awesome work on these two figures. But I believe that we ain't seen nothing yet out of this guy.


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More background information on Hedorah elsewhere in this blog...

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bwana Spoons/Gargamel Earth Restroyer

Speaking of Bwana Spoons and Gargamel, here is the first exclusive figure that Bwana collaborated on with Gargamel, the Earth Restroyer. Very nice version of the Gargamel mini Hedoran (about 4.5 inches) done in clear brown (root beer) vinyl.

Here is Bwana's description: "Earth Restroyer walks the land and sea pollenating the world with a special virus. If you get one, you win a special prize. Congratulations!!! Your body is now fresh compost and a palm tree sprouts out of your chest."

Earth Restroyer came bagged with a traditional header card and included a special mini hedoran ER giclee print (4.25 x 5.75 inches). Only 80 sets were made and the print is signed and numbered.

Here is a picture of the print (which is much more beautiful and nuanced in person):

Here is a picture of Earth Restroyer with a full size Gargamel Hedoran (No. 1) for size comparison:

ヘドラ ガーガメル

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New "Killer" by Bwana Spoons and Gargamel (ガーガメル)

A first glimpse, sneak peak, of Bwana Spoon's new kaiju influenced vinyl figure, scheduled to be released by Bwana in conjunction with Gargamel at the end of January 2007. Looking forward to this! Bwana does good stuff.

For a little bit more info (though not much more, yet), visit Bwana's site listed in the links here.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Takara Walder Invader Alien J (タカラ)

Takara 10 inch Invader Alien J in green and red (body parts switched with Alien O - shown with Alien J in the last photo - more pics of Alien O later).

Clear soft vinyl with glitter. The heads pop off to reveal insect/robot heads beneath.

Released by Takara in 1998, these were vinyl replica of the Alien Invaders from the original Cyborg line. They are members of the army of the evil Walder (or Waruder) race.

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Kaijujitsu - Random Kaiju Image - Birdzasu

Birdzasu. Three inch Neo Kaiju figure by Tim Biskup.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

More Magnificent Monsters From Carlos Enriquez!

Carlos Enriquez sent me this link to another blog called Extreme Craft with more pictures of Carlos' giant kaiju work and a gallery installation including Darkron, Astro Boy, and Belzor!

Outstanding and astounding! Feast your eyes! And stay tuned!

Destroy All Monsters (Carlos Enriquez)

More news regarding the earlier post here about Carlos Enriquez's awesome super-sized kaiju creations ("Giants Roam the Earth...). A temporary website has been set up regarding Carlos and his work, courtesy in part of Pirela Blade Design and Blue Ant Studio. Here is the link: Destroy All Monsters. (Also check the link to Blue Ant Studio under Other Favorites. Great stuff!)

Plus, you will find some more information about Carlos and more pictures of his work at Blue Ant Studio's blog here and here.

Be sure to check it out!

And kudos to Blue Ant Studio (Joel+Maria Pirela) and Blade Design for their support!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Moguera 1957 (モゲラ Mogera)

This Moguera figure is an original mold with an old toy style, reissued by Marusan in 1998. It is about 6 inches tall. Notice the drill-like nose and the steam shovel-like lower jaw to help the monster burrow its way through the earth underground. (Moguera is Japanese for "Mole.")

Moguera (モゲラ Mogera) is from the 1957 Toho Studios tokusatsu film "The Mysterians" (地球防衛軍), directed by Ishirō Honda (drama) and Eiji Tsuburaya (special effects). The Mysterians was the first tokusatsu filmed in TohoScope and the first Toho film to use stereophonic sound. It is also known for its use of color, in particular its heavy use of day-for-night shots and bright alien costumes. (Alternate titles for the movie: "Chikyu Boeigun" (Japanese) and "The Earth Defense Force".)

In the Mysterians, scientifically advanced wanderers from the destroyed planet Mysteroid request a plot of land on Earth... and earthling women to breed with! After a demonstration of their destructive abilities, mankind must decide whether to capitulate or to resist.

Moguera is a robot used by the alien Mysterians to assist in convincing the earthlings to cooperate. Moguera attacks a small village with its optic heat blasts, but is destroyed when the bridge it is standing on collapses due to the military dynamiting it.

A second Moguera appears as the Markalite beam cannons assault the Mysterians' base. This Moguera trys to destroy one of the Markalites by burrowing underneath it, but the weapon falls on top of it, crushing and destroying the robot.

[Sources: Adapted from Wikipedia.]

Here are some images released in connection with the movie in its various forms:

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