Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alien Shaplay (Alien Shapure) (シャプレー星人 ) from Ultraseven

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This figure was released in 2000 by Bandai/B-Club as a reproduction of BullMark.

The engraving on the back is is the Bullmark company emblem and Tsuburaya-Production copyright notice.
Alien Shaplay appeared on the episode 20 from Ultraseven, titled "Defeat Earthquake Source X" (地震源Xを倒せ), with Giradorus (ギラドラス).

(See other Omni-Monster posts for more information on Ultraseven.)


特徴・武器 : 変身 ギラドラスを操る シャプレー光線
弱点・最期 : ウルトラガン

ウルトラセブン シャプレー星人 暗黒星人


バンダイ ブルマァク

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Jerry Frissen said...

This toy is amazing!!

geozilla said...

Yes, it's a nice one, isn't it?