Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bwana Spoons/Gargamel Earth Restroyer

Speaking of Bwana Spoons and Gargamel, here is the first exclusive figure that Bwana collaborated on with Gargamel, the Earth Restroyer. Very nice version of the Gargamel mini Hedoran (about 4.5 inches) done in clear brown (root beer) vinyl.

Here is Bwana's description: "Earth Restroyer walks the land and sea pollenating the world with a special virus. If you get one, you win a special prize. Congratulations!!! Your body is now fresh compost and a palm tree sprouts out of your chest."

Earth Restroyer came bagged with a traditional header card and included a special mini hedoran ER giclee print (4.25 x 5.75 inches). Only 80 sets were made and the print is signed and numbered.

Here is a picture of the print (which is much more beautiful and nuanced in person):

Here is a picture of Earth Restroyer with a full size Gargamel Hedoran (No. 1) for size comparison:

ヘドラ ガーガメル

Photos © 2006 Geozilla Omni-Monster. All rights reserved.


treepeel said...

How are you liking that big Hedoran? Is it semi-opaque like the silver dragmael and mini smoggon?

Great pix as always.

geozilla said...

Hey, treepeel!

I like the big Hedoran very much. It is unique in my collection because (1) it is currently the only big gargamel hedoran no. 1 that I have; and (2) it is currently the only silver flake figure I have.

Yes, he is semi-opaque. In normal light, you only get the very slightest suggestion of transparency; but if you hold the figure up in front of a bright light source, you get a very smoky, shadowy transparent effect - not much, but definitely some light shines through.