Friday, December 22, 2006

Alien Waiell (ワイアール星人) (Ultraseven Episode 2)

Alien Waiell from Ultraseven Episode 2 [緑の恐怖 (Terror in Green) (Midori-No Kyofu) (Shrubs From Space)] [10/8/67].

This figure is by Bearmodel (ベアモデル). It is standard size (about 9 inches tall).

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In the show, the monster is pretty much all green in color. A human character transforms into the monster while riding on the street car sitting next to his wife. She turns to hand him a piece of fruit she has peeled for him, sees what he has become and SCREAMS...

I believe that the monster's name (Y Earl) has something to do with the word "chlorophyll" with some of the letters removed.

Alternative names: Alien Wyall (Waiaaru Seijin).
Alias: Living Thing X (Human Plant X)
Weapon: Needle Light Ray

ワイアール星人 (Y Earl Star Person)
別 名 ... 生物X
特徴・武器 ... 同化液で人間をワイアール星人にする ニードル光線
弱点・最期 ... アイスラッガー
ウルトラセブン (Urutora Sebun)

One place to find a summary of Episode 2 (緑の恐怖 Terror in Green) is MJ-12's very cool Ultraseven website here.

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