Friday, December 08, 2006

Hedorahs - Two of a Perfect Pair ヘドラ

Two custom painted and modified Y-MSF Hedorahs (each about 6 inches tall).

These were customized by Mondhexe (kaiju collector, and leading member and founder of the band Deep Soda - new album forthcoming - check out the Deep Soda website here).

As you can see, Mondhexe did some really awesome work on these two figures. But I believe that we ain't seen nothing yet out of this guy.


[Click the pics to enlarge...]


More background information on Hedorah elsewhere in this blog...

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bugfish said...

Oh wow! These are totally, incredibly, amazingly beautiful! And so are the photos (I especially like the first and the last one!).

Continued thanks for this blog. It remains one of my favorite!

geozilla said...

Thanks for the kind words! It makes me very happy that you are enjoying Omni-Monster.

I myself am looking forward to the continuation of your Bugfish saga. So big thanks to you for that and all of your other awesome work that has brought me and many others so much enjoyment over the years.

The color image of Bugfish in your avatar here is mysterious and stunning. And I just picked up a Bugfish tee shirt as an early Christmas present for... me!!! Cool!

Patrick said...

i just wanted you to know i read your blog everyday and i love it even though i never comment. keep it up.

geozilla said...

Thanks, Patrick!