Saturday, April 26, 2008

Godzilla M1Go Bullmark 2nd Period Version (M1号 ブルマァクタイプ ゴジラ 2期)

Enjoy the show!

This is the "green" version that was released at a museum exhibition in Japan on October 8, 2006. Limited edition of 70.

Interesting article regarding origin of this sculpt here.

10月8日 新潟県柏崎市 こどもの時代館 【第5回 風の丘秋祭り】 にて 昭和ゴジラシリーズ。

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Incoming! Custom Kaiju by H. Lee Porter!

Stay tuned. Lots more pics of this Red Jack and other great work by Lee to come...

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Watch Astro Boy 鉄腕アトム Online!

On Hulu.

Here is "Power Up!" (Season 1, Episode 1 - 20:10) (Dr. O'Shay uses all of the city's power to activate Astro, but his plan backfires when the robotic power-controller Magnamite turns into a menace. Astro must use his powers to save the city.)

There are 49 additional episodes to watch.


(See link to episodes of "Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot" in the preceding post.)

Watch "Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot" ジャイアントロボ Online!

On Hulu.

Here is "Dracolon, the Great Sea Monster" (Season 1: Episode 1 - 24:21) (Johnny discovers the B.F. Gang (bad guys), Unicorn (good guys), and takes control of Giant Robot, his ally in the fight for good over evil.)...

Eight other episodes available to watch online.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Marmit Sky Deviler マーミット スカイデビラー 

Clear orange vinyl with paint.

Some info on Sky Deviler from Kaiju Big Battel:

Name: Sky Deviler
Type: Ravenous dimwit space bug
Height: 222 meters
Weight: 1200 buckets of slop
Attack: Swoop n' eat attack, the brown belch, fin splint, myopic ray beam burn (similar to mild rugburn)
Win/Lose: 1/5
Allies: Uchu Chu, Mota Naru, Mung Wun
Enemies: Los Plantanos, Powa Ranguru, Beefy L'Ox

"Who is the sphincter mouth of depth-perception irrelevant monster? Sky Deviler most high ugliness the dive-bomb swoop. Special appetite skill combine with brain lentil size create the deadliest! What goes in does having not come out? During ponder, perhaps Sky Deviler starving to death, or eat delicious red horns? Only little tail to chase. Danger like a starving dog!"

More info on KBB Sky Deviler here and here.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Charactics "Angry" Face Majin Bander

The Charactics version of Majin Bander (shown here in the Kaiju Taro colorway, edition of 50) portrays the "angry" face. Instead of the angelic-like winged horns and more innocent looking circular eyes of the Majin Banders shown in the previous post, the Charactics version has devilish sharp pointed horns, and more expressive, possibly menacing, eyes.

キャラクティックス 魔神バンダー Zen`t@4周年記念&怪獣太郎開店記念限定。限定50体。大きさは約23cmです。


(Also shown, Emupiya Heater えむぱい屋 熱線獣. Majin Vander and Heater never appeared together, and there is no connection between the two figures. Heater just kept shoving his face into the frame while I was taking pics of the Majin Vander.)

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Here are some Majin Bander related images from the cover of a cartoon version book...

"Vander fiend" Showa Appendix 44 adventure King's April 1 issue. 「魔神バンダー」の冒険王付録昭和44年の4月1日号です。

(Image and information from Chi Yu Ma Heaven ちゅーまー天国 .)

A record jacket...

Sonoshito library records

Source: Commentary: Mr. Yasushi Shigeru Mizuno

Fuji Television broadcast the theme song EP records, Vander fiend.

The fiend, Vander
Generation of graphs: Satoshi Inoue
Songs: 1 song fiend Vander 2 BANDAMACHI
Showa 42 (1967), released in July fixed price 300 yen
Former release: Crown Records

ソノシート・レコード ライブラリー



作画:井上 智
歌:1・魔神バンダーの歌 2・バンダーマーチ
昭和42(1967)年7月発売 定価300円

(Image and information from Yearn Trivia Museum Gallery 懐かし豆知識・資料館 展示室.)

And a couple of shots from what I believe was the 1969 Fuji TV series...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Majin Banders 魔神バンダー by Marmit マーミット and Nostalgic Heroes ノスタルジック・ヒーローズ

Shown above on the left (左) is the "normal face" version Majin Bander (Majin Vander) by Marmit Vinyl Paradise. It is about 10.5 inches tall. Orange vinyl with paint. マーミット 魔神バンダー(まじんバンダー)

The Majin Bander on the right (右) is the Nostalgic Heroes (Transglobal) version (ノスタルジックヒーローズ (トランスグローバル)). It is about 8.5 inches tall. Brown vinyl with paint. Again, this is the "Normal Face" version - it also came in an "Angry Face" version (you can see a picture of both the "normal" and "angry" faced versions here.

For a little more information on the background of the Majin Bander character on Japanese TV and in Japanese comics, you can start by looking here, here, and here.

ノスタルジックヒーローズ 魔神バンダー トランスグローバル


検:手塚プロ ソフビ ロボット。

マーミット 世紀の大怪獣シリーズ ビニールパラダイス 魔神バンダー


オオタキ復刻版「魔神バンダー」ソフビ人形 [RV-003]

この商品にはバリエーションがあります: 怒り顔 and 普通顔

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