Sunday, April 06, 2008

Charactics "Angry" Face Majin Bander

The Charactics version of Majin Bander (shown here in the Kaiju Taro colorway, edition of 50) portrays the "angry" face. Instead of the angelic-like winged horns and more innocent looking circular eyes of the Majin Banders shown in the previous post, the Charactics version has devilish sharp pointed horns, and more expressive, possibly menacing, eyes.

キャラクティックス 魔神バンダー Zen`t@4周年記念&怪獣太郎開店記念限定。限定50体。大きさは約23cmです。


(Also shown, Emupiya Heater えむぱい屋 熱線獣. Majin Vander and Heater never appeared together, and there is no connection between the two figures. Heater just kept shoving his face into the frame while I was taking pics of the Majin Vander.)

(Photos above © 2008 Geozilla Omni-Monster. All rights reserved.)

Here are some Majin Bander related images from the cover of a cartoon version book...

"Vander fiend" Showa Appendix 44 adventure King's April 1 issue. 「魔神バンダー」の冒険王付録昭和44年の4月1日号です。

(Image and information from Chi Yu Ma Heaven ちゅーまー天国 .)

A record jacket...

Sonoshito library records

Source: Commentary: Mr. Yasushi Shigeru Mizuno

Fuji Television broadcast the theme song EP records, Vander fiend.

The fiend, Vander
Generation of graphs: Satoshi Inoue
Songs: 1 song fiend Vander 2 BANDAMACHI
Showa 42 (1967), released in July fixed price 300 yen
Former release: Crown Records

ソノシート・レコード ライブラリー



作画:井上 智
歌:1・魔神バンダーの歌 2・バンダーマーチ
昭和42(1967)年7月発売 定価300円

(Image and information from Yearn Trivia Museum Gallery 懐かし豆知識・資料館 展示室.)

And a couple of shots from what I believe was the 1969 Fuji TV series...


ultralex said...

"Fiend" is OK, "Devil" perhaps is better. Prince Paron (Paron Ouji) from Comet Paron is the "angelic" being that transforms into the wrathful Majin Bander. This program combined live action, puppet animation and anime (at least the titles have anime sequences). That "1944" date is incorrect--that's Showa 44--which is 1969 AD. Anyone have dupes of this from the out of print laser disc release?

geozilla ジーヨジラ said...

Thanks for the corrections, Alex! Very much appreciated. Cheers!

Karswell said...

I'd be interested in getting some copies of these episodes too if anyone finds any.

Karswell said...

I was following some of the links on your blog about Majin Bander and noticed one that mentioned Lost Kaiju having episodes on dvd. But I go to their blog and can't seem to find the information. Seriously, if anyone can help me with episodes from either the live action series or the animated series I'd greatly appreicate it. I have a HUGE trade list of rare 50's-70's tokusatsu and animation if anyone would like to trade too. Thanks!

geozilla ジーヨジラ said...

I have sent you an email with the contact info for "The Lost Kaiju". Hopefully John can help you find what you are looking for.



Karswell said...

Thanks again!