Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mogera モゲラ by Toru Oishi 大石透 and Marmit マーミット

This figure is based on Mogera モゲラ (Moguera) from the 1957 movie “Earth Defense Force” (Chikyū Bōeigun 地球防衛軍) which was released in the US as “The Mysterians.”

This is a “garage” kit made entirely of hard vinyl, except that the antenna are metal (I have installed them straight, rather than bent forward, to avoid breaking them), and the clear lower steam-shovel scoop jaw (which I have not installed) is made of clear plastic. Except for the antenna and the jaw, it came fully assembled and painted. It is about 10 inches tall with the antenna.

Designed by Toru Oishi 大石透 , about 30 of these were made for sale by Marmit マーミット in 2006. (You can read a lot more about Toru Oishi and his kaiju modeling career here.)

商品名:リアルソフビキット モゲラ  <特撮映画『地球防衛軍』より> シリーズ名:リアル ソフビキット マーミット リアルソフビキット モゲラ。 通販限定アイテ ム です。 大きさは約25cmです

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Faceless Bull フェイスレス ブル by Target Earth ターゲットアース (Marmit マーミット).

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This is the brown vinyl painted version of Faceless Bull by Target Earth (Marmit). I have previously posted photos of the black vinyl unpainted version here. As far as I know, these are the only two colorways of this figure so far. Each is about 12 inches tall. They are very beautifully made, and impressive to hold and behold. Fewer than 30 of each were sold.

I obtained the black version from Kaiju Taro; and the brown version from Steve Agin.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Noman ノーマン and The Lost Kaiju

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Meet Noman ノーマン (Norman) by Bear Model ベアモデル. Standard size. White vinyl with paint.

Noman appeared in Episode 49 of the Spectreman スペクトルマン TV show from Japan. Episode 49 was entitled “Noman: The Tragic Genius Monster” 悲しき天才怪獣ノーマン (Kanashiki Tensai Kaiju Noman), and was broadcast on12/04/1971.

Here is a brief summary of Episode 49 by The Lost Kaiju (see more info about them below): "Sandy a mentally challenged delivery boy becomes the target of Evil Dr. Gori's twisted experiments. Sandy becomes Noman a highly intelligent, Brain Eating Mutation!" Poor kid!!!

I purchased this figure from the online shop at the The Lost Kaiju website. A great place for any Kaiju fan! Here is The Lost Kaiju's "About" blurb:

"Godzilla. Ultraman. Actors in wacky rubber suits. Childhood memories from late night tv shows. We started The Lost Kaiju to bring new and vintage Japanese toys and collectibles to all those out there who actually remember movies like Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People) or Spectreman tv shows--and to those who are just starting their collection. Visit our online and eBay stores to find items for sale. Stop by the gallery to see images from other collectors. The news section will keep you up-to-date with Japanese collectible happenings."

So head on over to The Lost Kaiju and check it out! You will be glad you did.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

CCP Hedorah ヘドラ (Green Eyes グリーンアイズ Version)

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From the CCP Artistic Monster Collection, Hedorah Project Series. Comes with small vinyl factory with smoke stack to provide toxic sustenance for Hedorah.

More pics and info to follow soon. Check back here.

CCP アーティスティックモンスターズコレクション. 
ヘドラプロジェクト第一弾 ヘドラ上陸期(グリーンアイズVer.)

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Mechabot: A Hero Reforged!

Absolutely a beautiful piece of work in every imaginable way! Great sculpt; super-articulated; wonderful, ongoing back-story... Gray-scale model, matte finish with GID “pilot station” and eyes. This was a Super7 magazine subscriber exclusive, limited to 100. The figure is 1/32 scale, standing 8.5 inches tall with 12 points of articulation.

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From the Go Hero website: “Mechabot is a walking battleship. He is both armor and weapon, a sword that cuts through mountain, monster, & space itself. Mechabot is the grandest creation of the Shokunin, Elijah Yoroiichigu. Intended for the bravest of men, this robot bonds to a boy, Zing Takemitsu. The Mechabot armor materializes at Zing's will and scales to the size of the erupting threat. With these powers, Zing as Mechabot, flies faster than light, punches harder than a crashing tidal wave, and slices deeper than the ocean!”

For more of the story, technical specs, and a lot more information about Mechabot and other Go Hero characters, visit the Go Hero website. See Kaiju Connection links here for the address.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yira and Mechabot

Mechabot and Yira, both by Go Hero.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Real Magnetic Man" (MagMan) by Touma

This is the clear orange version of Magman (Maguman), designed by Touma and produced by Wonderwall for the "Kaiju For Grownups" series. Edition of 100.

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マグマン "大人のための カイジュウ" 100体限定発売 マグマン オレンジ オトナのカイ ジュウプロジェクト リアルマグマン オトナのカイジュウプロジェクト「マグマン」がきれいな 「クリアオレンジ」になって再登場 全 高 約130mm。メーカー:Wonderwall

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Strange, but true!!! Torutos by Marusan マルサン

Torutos. Another figure from the Marusan Original Monster Series. Standard size. For more pictures and information about the Original Monster Series, see prior posts regarding Baron, Dorango, Bamer, and Dargle.

What is it? A turtle, a lobster, a tree...? There is something about these somewhat simple and less-refined sculpts in this series that I like very much.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Baltan GID by Marmit マーミット 怪獣天国 バルタン星人 蓄光バージョン

This is the 40th Anniversary GID vinyl figure of Baltan バルタン星人 from "The Legend of Ultraman" exhibit at the Kawasaki Itioka Mototarou Fine Arts Museum in Japan. It is a companion piece to the GID Ultraman by Marmit pictured here in a prior post. Standard size (about 9 inches tall). Less than 50 of these were made.

[Click the pics to enlarge.]

Notable features: Scissor-claw hands, thin pointed nose, face sort of a combination of the crayfish and the cicada.

From Wikipedia:

Alien Baltan ( バルタン星人, Barutan Seijin) is a race of alien creatures originally featured in the 1966 tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman. their first appearance was in Episode # 2, "Shoot the Invaders!" The Baltan aliens have been considered Ultraman's most popular foe. The monster's trademark is its sinister laugh.

Baltan's height is about 50 Meters tall. He weighs about 35,000 Tons.

Powers: The Baltan-Seijin have several powers at their disposal. they can fire either an explosive white beam or a repelling red beam from their giant claws. To confuse and bewilder an enemy, Baltan-Seijins can also project multiple, fake illusions of their bodies. Baltans can also hypnotize or possess human beings and use them as translators for communication. Also, when one Baltan suffers enough damage, another can phase in to take its place. They can teleport over short distances. Multiple microscopic or human-sized Baltans can fuse into a single, larger Baltan form.

History: Baltan-Seijins begin as microscopic creatures. Some sixty billion, six hundred million (60,600,000,000) microscopic Baltans came to the planet Earth, originally because of engine trouble with their spacecraft. In search of sufficient technical components to repair their engines at a science facility, they later decided to claim Earth as their own, since their home planet was annihilated by nuclear testing. When they landed on Earth, the few Baltans that appeared to humans were either human or gigantic size, while the rest stayed in the ship. The Science Patrol, the organization that Ultraman's host, Shin Hayata, belonged to, tried to negotiate with the Baltans. Mars was suggested as an alternative home for the Baltans, but they claimed Mars was less than optimal. Hayata suggested that the Baltans could live on Earth in peace if they obeyed human laws, but that was before anybody learned of the Baltans' vast numbers. Regardless, the Baltans were in no mood for compromises. Before the Baltan-Seijin could wipe out life on Earth, Ultraman intervened. The red-and-silver hero destroyed Baltan-Seijin with his signature weapon, the Specium Ray. Ultraman proceeded to destroy the Baltan's spaceship housing the other microscopic creatures, assuring that no more Baltan-related problems would arise.

Fighting Power: Powerful and deadly, the Baltan-Seijin are excellent fighters. Baltans have appeared in many incarnations over the years, and are also known as the self-proclaimed "space-ninjas". Variations of Baltan-Seijin include Baltan-Seijins II, III, Baltan Jr., Baltan-Seijin V, VI, Mecha-Baltan, Psycho Baltan, Neo-Baltan, and more. The most recent design was Dark Baltan. Little Baltans (Child & Tiny), a miniature versions of the monster that aren't evil and help out Ultraman.



For more info:バルタン星人

ウルトラマン誕生40年の軌跡 ウルトラマン伝説展 特別展示 国立民族学博物館所蔵 仮面と神像

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kaijujitsu: Amapro Fightas Mask HG アマプロ ファイタス仮面HG

Amapro Fightas Mask HG (with extra head on clear Obitsu body).

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Black Marmit Hedorah マーミット マーミット

Marmit Hedorah Black wih glitter

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tim Biskup Tankizaado 怪兽新形象 タンキザード

Here are a couple different views of the Orange Tankizaado タンキザード オレンジ and the Clear Tankizaado タンキザード クリア, created by Tim Biskup for the Wonderwall "Kaiju for Grownups" series. Each figure is just under 6 inches tall.

[Click the pics to enlarge.]

Each Tankizaado comes with this nice card inside the bag:

Wonderwall 的 Kaiju for Growups (Grownups) Series (怪獸創作系列) Tim Biskup 與 Tankizaado タンキザード, 一個在上一個在下「オトナのカイジュウシリーズ」メーカー:Wonderwall 仕様:ポリバッグ・紙ヘッダ

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