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Baltan GID by Marmit マーミット 怪獣天国 バルタン星人 蓄光バージョン

This is the 40th Anniversary GID vinyl figure of Baltan バルタン星人 from "The Legend of Ultraman" exhibit at the Kawasaki Itioka Mototarou Fine Arts Museum in Japan. It is a companion piece to the GID Ultraman by Marmit pictured here in a prior post. Standard size (about 9 inches tall). Less than 50 of these were made.

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Notable features: Scissor-claw hands, thin pointed nose, face sort of a combination of the crayfish and the cicada.

From Wikipedia:

Alien Baltan ( バルタン星人, Barutan Seijin) is a race of alien creatures originally featured in the 1966 tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman. their first appearance was in Episode # 2, "Shoot the Invaders!" The Baltan aliens have been considered Ultraman's most popular foe. The monster's trademark is its sinister laugh.

Baltan's height is about 50 Meters tall. He weighs about 35,000 Tons.

Powers: The Baltan-Seijin have several powers at their disposal. they can fire either an explosive white beam or a repelling red beam from their giant claws. To confuse and bewilder an enemy, Baltan-Seijins can also project multiple, fake illusions of their bodies. Baltans can also hypnotize or possess human beings and use them as translators for communication. Also, when one Baltan suffers enough damage, another can phase in to take its place. They can teleport over short distances. Multiple microscopic or human-sized Baltans can fuse into a single, larger Baltan form.

History: Baltan-Seijins begin as microscopic creatures. Some sixty billion, six hundred million (60,600,000,000) microscopic Baltans came to the planet Earth, originally because of engine trouble with their spacecraft. In search of sufficient technical components to repair their engines at a science facility, they later decided to claim Earth as their own, since their home planet was annihilated by nuclear testing. When they landed on Earth, the few Baltans that appeared to humans were either human or gigantic size, while the rest stayed in the ship. The Science Patrol, the organization that Ultraman's host, Shin Hayata, belonged to, tried to negotiate with the Baltans. Mars was suggested as an alternative home for the Baltans, but they claimed Mars was less than optimal. Hayata suggested that the Baltans could live on Earth in peace if they obeyed human laws, but that was before anybody learned of the Baltans' vast numbers. Regardless, the Baltans were in no mood for compromises. Before the Baltan-Seijin could wipe out life on Earth, Ultraman intervened. The red-and-silver hero destroyed Baltan-Seijin with his signature weapon, the Specium Ray. Ultraman proceeded to destroy the Baltan's spaceship housing the other microscopic creatures, assuring that no more Baltan-related problems would arise.

Fighting Power: Powerful and deadly, the Baltan-Seijin are excellent fighters. Baltans have appeared in many incarnations over the years, and are also known as the self-proclaimed "space-ninjas". Variations of Baltan-Seijin include Baltan-Seijins II, III, Baltan Jr., Baltan-Seijin V, VI, Mecha-Baltan, Psycho Baltan, Neo-Baltan, and more. The most recent design was Dark Baltan. Little Baltans (Child & Tiny), a miniature versions of the monster that aren't evil and help out Ultraman.



For more info:バルタン星人

ウルトラマン誕生40年の軌跡 ウルトラマン伝説展 特別展示 国立民族学博物館所蔵 仮面と神像

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