Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Noman ノーマン and The Lost Kaiju

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Meet Noman ノーマン (Norman) by Bear Model ベアモデル. Standard size. White vinyl with paint.

Noman appeared in Episode 49 of the Spectreman スペクトルマン TV show from Japan. Episode 49 was entitled “Noman: The Tragic Genius Monster” 悲しき天才怪獣ノーマン (Kanashiki Tensai Kaiju Noman), and was broadcast on12/04/1971.

Here is a brief summary of Episode 49 by The Lost Kaiju (see more info about them below): "Sandy a mentally challenged delivery boy becomes the target of Evil Dr. Gori's twisted experiments. Sandy becomes Noman a highly intelligent, Brain Eating Mutation!" Poor kid!!!

I purchased this figure from the online shop at the The Lost Kaiju website. A great place for any Kaiju fan! Here is The Lost Kaiju's "About" blurb:

"Godzilla. Ultraman. Actors in wacky rubber suits. Childhood memories from late night tv shows. We started The Lost Kaiju to bring new and vintage Japanese toys and collectibles to all those out there who actually remember movies like Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People) or Spectreman tv shows--and to those who are just starting their collection. Visit our online and eBay stores to find items for sale. Stop by the gallery to see images from other collectors. The news section will keep you up-to-date with Japanese collectible happenings."

So head on over to The Lost Kaiju and check it out! You will be glad you did.

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Mark - マーク said...

Hey Geo! Oh man does Norman bring back memories...one of many "disturbing" kaiju from Spectreman. Plus in this episode it gets worse...Gori transforms his dog into a giant monster too. Bear Model's rendition is as blueprint accurate of a representation of Norman I think the world would ever ask for.

I have pictures from that episode that I'll send to you.


Mark マーク