Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tim Biskup Tankizaado 怪兽新形象 タンキザード

Here are a couple different views of the Orange Tankizaado タンキザード オレンジ and the Clear Tankizaado タンキザード クリア, created by Tim Biskup for the Wonderwall "Kaiju for Grownups" series. Each figure is just under 6 inches tall.

[Click the pics to enlarge.]

Each Tankizaado comes with this nice card inside the bag:

Wonderwall 的 Kaiju for Growups (Grownups) Series (怪獸創作系列) Tim Biskup 與 Tankizaado タンキザード, 一個在上一個在下「オトナのカイジュウシリーズ」メーカー:Wonderwall 仕様:ポリバッグ・紙ヘッダ

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Sean the Sean said...

This is one of the best monsters i've seen in a while! I don't like alot of the ones being made these days, but this rules.