Friday, March 23, 2007

Mechabot: A Hero Reforged!

Absolutely a beautiful piece of work in every imaginable way! Great sculpt; super-articulated; wonderful, ongoing back-story... Gray-scale model, matte finish with GID “pilot station” and eyes. This was a Super7 magazine subscriber exclusive, limited to 100. The figure is 1/32 scale, standing 8.5 inches tall with 12 points of articulation.

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From the Go Hero website: “Mechabot is a walking battleship. He is both armor and weapon, a sword that cuts through mountain, monster, & space itself. Mechabot is the grandest creation of the Shokunin, Elijah Yoroiichigu. Intended for the bravest of men, this robot bonds to a boy, Zing Takemitsu. The Mechabot armor materializes at Zing's will and scales to the size of the erupting threat. With these powers, Zing as Mechabot, flies faster than light, punches harder than a crashing tidal wave, and slices deeper than the ocean!”

For more of the story, technical specs, and a lot more information about Mechabot and other Go Hero characters, visit the Go Hero website. See Kaiju Connection links here for the address.

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