Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some Twelve Inch Action (DxSxHx Stag Beetle)

Alrighty, then. This is a clear gray soft vinyl DxSxHx Stag Beetle suit on a super poseable, limited edition, black Obitsu body with chest "tattoos" that show through the suit. You can see the red eyes of the cool inner "bug" head through the clear gray outer head.

Super limited! The quality just reeks! I love this guy.

I also have a supreme black Stag Beetle suit custom painted by Koji Harmon that I will post another time.

Photos © 2006 Geozilla Omni-Monster. All rights reserved.


Onibaba said...

Some of my favorite 12 inch figures are the Medicom Retro Action heroes/villains series which they made the similar clear versions of.
The clear Cyclovillain, Chronocrawler and Sharkman are incredibly well produced figures and I think they need this fella to hang out with, errr lay in a attic bin with!?

geozilla said...

The clear sharkman will show his pointy head around here sometime, I expect.