Friday, November 24, 2006

M1Go UltraSeven Alien Chibull (チブル星人)

Alien Chibull was an extraterrestrial villian from UltraSeven.

Here is some more general information about the UltraSeven TV show:

"UltraSeven, aka Special Agent 340 from "The Land of Light" located in the Nebula M78; an intergalactic Astronomer who found himself defending the planet Earth, which he considers his second home.

UltraSeven was created as a sequel to Tsuburaya Productions' immensely popular Ultraman series. Ultraman ran from July 1966 through April 1967. UltraSeven followed six months later in October 1967, spanning 49 episodes. UltraSeven was the third of what now numbers thirteen Ultra series and counting. Beginning in 1966 with the 28 episode, black and white series Ultra Q and continuing today with the currently running Ultraman Gaia. Ultraman and all its incarnations have become cultural icons in Japan and runaway hits all over the world."

Alien Chibull made an appearance in Episode 9 of UltraSeven (Android Zero Directive (Toys In Crisis)). Broadcast Date: 11/26/67.

Here is a synyopsis of Episode 9:

"Children's toys are becoming real. Toy guns that fire real bullets, toy jets that streak through the air on real exhaust, all with a strange insignia and all sold to the children by an old street vendor. Dan and Soga find the hideout of the inventor who is not only creating toys, but also androids there.

He tells them of his plan to arm and control all the Earth's children and set them loose on mankind. After all, who would harm children? This is all set to take place at midnight, "Zero Hour." He then orders "toy" tanks, jets and robots to attack Dan and Soga. Dan changes to UltraSeven and chases them to the roof of a department store where he discovers that the old man is an alien (Chibull). Seven defeats the alien and android maiden in a short rooftop battle. As midnight approaches, all is well."

[Source: Ultra Seven Episode Guide by Bob Johnson & August Ragone (Done for TNT's Ultra 7 Webpage).]

M1号 世紀の大怪獣シリーズ ウルトラ編 チブル星人

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