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Kanegon by Bullmark カネゴン ブルマァク ウルトラQ

This is a Bullmark reproduction figure. Dark blue vinyl with lighter metallic blue spray and red and silver highlights. Standard size.

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Kanegon カネゴン first appeared in the Japanese TV series Ultra Q ウルトラQ, and is perhaps one of the most famous and iconic monsters from the Ultra Q show. The Ultra Q episode was entitled “Kanegon’s Cocoon” and aired in April 1966 (Episode 15).

The Kanegon story is somewhat surreal and whimsical. Very briefly: a greedy, money-loving boy wakes up transformed into the money-eating, human-sized, creature, Kanegon... a strange combination of shellfish and coin purse, complete with a zipper mouth and a coin counter on its chest. Kanegon has to keep eating coins to keep the counter from getting down to 0, or he will die. After going through a number of trials and tribulations, the boy/Kanegon apparently learns his lesson and he is transformed back into a boy. However, upon returning home, he discovers his parents are now Kanegons!

カネゴンとは、特撮テレビ番組『ウルトラQ』に登場した架空の怪獣。別名「コイン快獣」。硬貨を食べ続けないと死んでしまう。 その特徴的な容姿とあまりにストレートなネーミングから、日本では非常に知名度の高い怪獣であり、『ウルトラQ』をリアルタイムで知らない世代にもよく知られている。 デザインモチーフは貝、飛び出した目玉、頭部形状、皮膚の質感に特徴が見られるが、元々の貨幣が貝であった事から着想されたと思われる。


『ウルトラQ』第15話「カネゴンの繭」に登場。 身長:2メートル 体重:200キログラム 金の亡者の少年・加根田金男が偶然見つけたカネゴンの繭によって変身した怪獣。 外見は、頭部は一見カエルのようで、口はファスナーの付いたがま口、目はぴょこんと細長く飛び出ていて目玉はギラギラ(怒ると煙を噴出する)、胸にはレジスターが付いていて、全身は銅でできた鎧をまとったような姿形(火星人と形容される)であった。 主食は硬貨とお札。1日に必要な額は3,510円(当時)。胸のレジスターのカウンターに体内の金額が表示され、それがゼロになると死んでしまうので、お金を食べつづけたが、カネゴンに与えてお金がなくなった友人に売られそうになり逃げ出し、ついに銀行の金を食らうに至る。騒動の末に祈祷師のかなり無茶な予言を実行させた所、元に戻った。しかし、他人の落としたお金をそのまま自分のものにしてしまった金男の両親がカネゴンと化す。

Kanegon, the overhead monstrous beast which to special 撮 television program 'ultra Q' appears. Alias "coin it is pleasant the animal". Unless it continues to eat the coin, it dies.

That feature figure it is the monstrous beast whose straight from naming, in Japan degree of distinction is very high excessively, 'it is well known to also the generation who does not know ultra Q' in real time. Design motif the shellfish and the eyeball which springs out, head form, feature is seen in material feeling of the skin, but it is thought that it was conceived from the fact that the originally money is the shellfish.

Kanegon which appears to ultra Q

'"Cocoon of ultra Q' 15th story in [kanegon]" appearance.

Height: 2 meters Weight: 200 kilograms

The monstrous beast which changes with the cocoon of [kanegon] which the boy adding root rice field Kin man of the fanatic of the gold finds accidentally.

As for appearance, as for the head with like the glance frog, as for the mouth the purse where the fastener is attached, as for the eye to be long having projected bouncingly, as for the eyeball when (you get angry glaringly, gushes the smoke), the register having been attached to the chest, as for the entire body, the form kind of shape which the armor which it is possible with the copper the [ma] is taken (Mars person is modified) was. Staple food the coin is distant the bill. The amount which is necessary for the 1st 3,510 Yen (at that time). The amount of internal to be indicated in the counter of the register of the chest, when that becomes zero, because it dies, it continued to eat the money, but giving to [kanegon], it may be sold it becomes in the friend there not to be a money and escapes, finally receiving the gold of the bank reaches the point of. The place where considerably unreasonable prediction of the faith curer was made to execute on end of the disturbance, it returned to the origin. But, the parents of the Kin man who designates the money which others dropped that way as their own ones convert [kanegon].

[Sources: Wikipedia. Original Japanese and auto-translated text.]

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