Friday, February 16, 2007

Alien Xam!!! Full Size Green GID by Max Toy ザム星人 怪獣太郎限定 スタンダードサイズ 蓄光

Alien Xam is the arch nemesis of space hero Captain Maxx. More info following the pics (click them to enlarge).

This is the full-sized (about 11 inches tall) Alien Xam in green by Max Toy Company. This figure with green and metallic silver spray was a Kaiju-Taro exclusive. There was also a GID version with blue and red spray. Both were hand-painted by Mark Nagata. Less than 25 of each version were available for sale, only from Kaiju-Taro.

This figure is movable at the neck, arms, legs, and feet. It also features claws that open and close (see pics).

It comes packaged in a classic vintage Japanese toy style clear bag with header card and backing card featuring artwork, also by Mark Nagata.

If you missed these, more full-sized Xams in alternate colorways will be available at the Max Toy website!!!

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