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Hipporito Seijin by M1Go ヒッポリト星人 M1号

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Red vinyl with beautiful metallic blues, greens, and gold. (This figure was also previously issued in a brown vinyl version with slightly different paint.) This red vinyl version was released at the Kodomo no Zidaikan museum in Niigata, Japan, in a limited edition of 100.

Also referred to as “Hitsuporito star person” and “Hell Star Human.”

(I obtained this figure, like many of my other favorites in my collection, from Mike Johnson through the Club Tokyo marketplace. Mike is super knowledgeable about kaiju of all types, probably one of the top experts in the U.S., and Club Tokyo is a fantastic kaiju community and resource. Check it out!)

ミニウルトラマンエース付き ヒッポリト星人の成型色は赤


The large (standard size) figure comes with a mini Ultraman Ace. There is a magnet in Hipporito’s left hand and one in the mini Ultraman Ace’s body so that the Hipporito can “hold” the Ultraman.

Hipporito Seijin was a bad guy (one of the very baddest) in the Ultraman Ace ウルトラマンA TV show that aired on Japanese TV beginning in 1972. Hipporito Seijin was in two episodes, Episode 26 : ZENMETSU! URUTORA GOKYOHDAI (Total Annihilation! The Five Ultra Brothers); and Episode 27 : KISEKI! URUTORA NO CHICHI ( Miracle! The Father of Ultra).

Hipporito Seijin was so powerful that in Episode 26 he was able to defeat each of the Five Ultra Brothers (Ultraman, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Zoffy, Ultraman Jack and UltraSeven) by turning them all into statues. It wasn't until Episode 27 when UltraFather arrives and battles Hipporito for a while before getting defeated, but is able to throw his Color Timer up to revive Ultraman Ace. Ultraman Ace finishes the job and all the Ultra Brothers become Ultraman again and bring Ultrafather back to M78.

Here are some screen-shots (copyright the owners of the show) from Episode 26 showing Hipporito capturing one of the Ultra Brothers, turning him into a statue, and covering him with “tar.”

And here are some screen-shots (copyright the owners of the show)from Episode 27 when Dad shows up to help save the day!

[From Wikipedia – Japan]

地獄星人 ヒッポリト星人

第26話「全滅! ウルトラ5兄弟」、第27話「奇跡! ウルトラの父」に登場。

細胞破壊銃・細胞破壊ミサイル 共にヒッポリト星人に対して使用。細胞破壊ミサイルは巨大なヒッポリト星人に対して複数投 下されたが、立体映像だったために効果が無かった。名称はミサイルであるが、実態は誘導爆 弾と呼ぶ方が適切である。細胞破壊銃は細胞破壊ミサイルの携帯用で、エネルギー充填が半分 の状態で使用されたが、ヒッポリトドームを破壊した。

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