Monday, June 25, 2007

Plaseebo 2nd Edition by Bob Conge!

The 2nd edition of Plaseebo Custom's rotocast vinyl figure "Plaseebo" is now available. Plaseebo was designed and sculpted by Bob Conge. The figure is cast in blue glow in the dark vinyl with blue inset eyes and is 8” long laying down (5” seated ). It comes in a 10” long vinyl Sarcophagus, plus a copy of the illustrated “Legend of Plaseebo“ story printed on a 14” X 21” sheet of parchment paper and a full color header card illustrated by Bob Conge. The edition is limited to only 80 pieces worldwide.

Bob refers to Plaseebo as "American Kaiju." This is a synopsis of the Legend of Plaseebo (the back story):

“AWAKEN” ( The Legend of Plaseebo )

"The Legend of Plaseebo begins with the birth of Tsu during the great storm of 2039 BC on the island of Kyushu in the archipelago known today as Japan. It tells the story of how Tsu, an unwanted Japanese dwarf at the age of ten, sails five thousand miles and flies another three thousand to arrive in the Egyptian city of Coptos where he is believed to be their reincarnated Pharaoh, Plaseebo. After his fifty seven year reign, Plaseebo lies entombed in a great pyramid for three thousand years while his spirit longs for the soil of his birthplace, Japan. Finally, in 1803 AD two archeologists break into his burial chamber and awaken the Mummy Plaseebo, who to this day roams the earth in search of his homeland."

To read the complete Legend of Plaseebo, see pics of the 1st edition Plaseebo (and a lot of other great art), and/or to order Plaseebo, visit the Plaseebo Custom website here.

Photos © 2007 Bob Conge and/or Plaseebo Customs. All rights reserved.

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