Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Max Toy Custom Painted Pharaohs ファラオス!

Being a member of the Max Toy Club certainly has its advantages! One recent member exclusive was first chance to obtain a Rumble Monsters Pharaohs hand-painted by Mark Nagata. Members were also offered the opportunity to buy a really nice print of Mark's original painting of Pharaohs on the rampage in San Francisco.

The figure is beautifully painted in metallic paints and the paint work is of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Mark really did an awesome job on these. (He has said it is unlikely that he will have the time to again do a job of this size or this time consuming anytime soon.)

Limited to 70 pieces, each figure comes with a numbered header card, also designed by Mark just for this release. The Pharaohs stands about 7 inches tall by about 6 inches from tail to hands.

The giclee print and the header are also beautifully rendered by Mark.

Here are some behind the scenes peaks at Mark working on the toy, some shots of the print in progress, a view of the header card, and a glimpse of a rare one-off done for some lucky toy fan, all with words and pictures by Mark himself! So enjoy!

"Laying down the first gold metallic spray. I use a Iwata HP-C airbrush with a silent compressor. Sometimes I also use a Iwata HP-B .... these are awesome airbrushes...."

"All figures with gold sprays."

"Hand applying the green and black parts of the eye... Oh the steady hands! Hint, I used a thin sharpie to draw the outside of the pupil first than went back in with the black v color paint. Using a 000 point paint brush for details."

"Final figures... 70+, after about 5 days of work. About 9 hours per day...."

Mark had previously given some details on the painting process for the Pharaohs on Max's Brain:

"Each figure, being hand painted, went like this.. First a spray of gold was laid down front, top,bottom and sides. Then silver was sprayed in several areas as a ground for the blue spray. Transparent blue was sprayed over the silver, as well as over the gold making a metallic green (blue plus yellow equals green). Then all the eyes were brush and black."

Here's the header. The numbering was hand-written into the little white "cloud" at the upper left.

"Sketch for giclee print."

"Final painting... Acrylics on hot press board. Using both airbrush and hand paints, with glazes of matte medium with paint. I pencil directly on the board with no gesso underneath. I do not seal the board and just start laying in washes of acrylic over my pencils. I usually do an under painting of Burnt Sienna and Paynes Grey... then using matte medium glaze in colors with a paint brush, with some airbrushed passges for smooth effects if needed.

"If I'm tight for time I will use color pencils to move the process along faster. Once done I varnish all my work with Golden Gloss Varnish.

"From start to finish about 5 days total... 2 days to pencil, 1 day to lay in under painting, 2 days for colors."

"Special one off for a rumble monsters fan... I don't usually do customs... so this was a very rare case."

Mark: Super job!!! Thanks for making such awesome toys and art available to us. I can't wait to see what's next!

Rumble Monsters ファラオス MAX TOY限定。70体限定 大きさは約18cmで す。

Photos © 2007 Mark Nagata Max Toy Co, except the three at the top which are © 2007 Geozilla Omni-Monster. All rights reserved.

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