Thursday, June 14, 2007

M1 Club Daikaiju Gorgo M1号 ゴルゴ

[Click on the pics to hear them roar.]

Gorgo and Gorgo "cub." These figures have one of the nicest paint jobs I have ever seen.

M1号 CLUB DAIKAIJU ゴルゴ。大きさは 約9センチ。

From Wikipedia:

"Gorgo is a 1961 British science fiction variation on Godzilla (with hints of King Kong). Directed by Eugène Lourié, it tells the story of an underwater monster's capture off the coast of Ireland. The monster is taken to London to be featured as a circus attraction.

"As the film commences, Captain Joe Ryan is salvaging for treasure off the coast of Ireland, when a volcano erupts, nearly sinking his ship. Ryan and his first officer, Sam Slade, take the ship to Nara Island for repairs. As they enter harbour, they discover the floating carcasses of marine animals, the first hint that something dangerous was awoken by the volcano eruption.

"Ryan and Slade consult the harbour master, who also has archeological pretensions: he has been salvaging a Viking longship in the harbour. Some of his men have disappeared mysteriously; it turns out that one has died of fear. After dark, a monstrous creature surfaces, attacks a group of fishermen, then comes ashore to wreak havoc on the island. This reptilian creature, which somewhat resembles Godzilla or a giant carnosaur from the Mesozoic era, is supposedly 65 feet tall. The people of the island finally drive it off.

"Ryan and his crew manage to capture the monster and haul it aboard their ship, tying it to the deck. Soon, university scientists arrive on Nara, hoping to collect the monster for study, but Ryan has been offered a better deal by the owner of a circus in London. When the ship arrives in London, the circus owner names it "Gorgo", after the Gorgons of Classical mythology (though it actually bears no resemblance to them). It is exhibited to the public in Battersea Park (in a scene reminiscent of Carl Denham's exhibition of the giant ape Kong).

"The scientists examine Gorgo, and conclude that he is not yet an adult, and that his mother must be nearly 200 feet tall. On that note of foreboding, we cut to Nara Island as Gorgo's mother attacks. She trashes the island, sinks a naval destroyer, and resists attack from other warships. Later, she comes ashore in London, still looking for her offspring, and destroys the Tower Bridge and Big Ben, despite being bombarded by tanks and infantry. Royal Air Force jets attack her, but with no effect. Having demolished much of London, she rescues Gorgo, and both monsters return to the sea."

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Kyle said...

You're back! Thanks for your comment. I'm actually really happy to say I recently bought the M1 Gorgo off ebay w/ little Gorgo included! Very excited for it's arrival. Unfortunately I will have to give it up on christmas for it is really a gift for my father who is a huge Gorgo fan.

geozilla ジーヨジラ said...

Well, your Dad is a lucky guy! It is a really nice set. He will really like it.