Monday, June 25, 2007

Mutant Chaos Custom by H. Lee Porter. Beautiful!!!

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Custom painted Real Head Mutant Chaos, by H. Lee Porter of Seattle (see link to Lee's website in Favorites).

I have posted a picture of this awesome mutant before as part of a group shot. Here is a different view, originally submitted for a feature article about Lee's custom work that was to have appeared in Playtimes magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine was discontinued by its publisher just before the article went to press.

Later, I will post some pics of several other of Lee's other customs that also would have appeared in the article.

リアルヘッド ミュータントカオス

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andy b said...

Never fear, George. Clutter is scheduled to release the article on Lee's work in August!!!

BTW, check out my blog some time: ^_^

andy b

geozilla ジーヨジラ said...

Great news about the article, Andy!

And I have added a link to Kaiju Korner here.