Sunday, July 08, 2007

Max Toy SDCC Exclusives and World Premiere Figures!

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In addition to the normal paint version of Eyezon shown in the last post here, Mark Nagata and Max Toy Co are going to offering up a whole bunch of really great things at SDCC.

The GID version of the Eyezon is pictured above.

For more pics of the Eyezon and the other items that will be available (listed below), visit Max's Brain at the Max Toy Co website.

Here's some of the other items Mark will have at his booth:

Premiere Angry Red Alien Xam!

SDCC Glow Alien Xam with painted Eye!

SDCC Baby Xam and Baby Maxx - mini clear red figure (set of 2)!

SDCC Edward Polka Dot (Bwana Spoons)!

Red, Glow, and White unpainted Edwards (Bwana Spoons)!

Limited edition giclee of Dream Rockets' Balbagon, signed and numbered by artist, Mark Nagata!

Max Toy Co figure tee shirts designed by Steve Forde of and one by Mark's niece, Marrissa!

Plus, original art, one of a kind hand-painted toys and past toy offerings!!!

Whew! That is a lot of really great stuff. Wish I could be there!

Photos © 2007 Mark Nagata and Max Toy Co. All rights reserved.

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