Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Carlos Enriquez - Shapes of (BIG) Things To Come!!!

Here are a few sneak pics of some absolutely amazing prototypes of new figures to come from genius artist/sculptor Carlos Enriquez. As you can see by some of these figures, Carlos likes and is inspired by Barom-1, but he brings his own interpretation to what will be giant fiber-glass verions of some really great works of art. We will keep you posted as these figures progress, so please stay tuned.

(UPDATE: Carlos says that he is making the fiberglass mold for the big Darkron now (previously modeled in wood), and it will be painted and finished in about 2 months. See prior posts here and here!)

Photos © 2007 Carlos Enriquez. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

carlos your crazy ! but in a good way !!! I look forward to seeing these at the Rotofugi show in September !

bwana spoons said...

holly hell this looks rad, out of wood no less. Man, so nice eh.