Monday, July 23, 2007

Carlos Enriquez - Giant Darkron and Rabbit Boy!!!

Carlos Enriquez is hard at work creating some of the most wonderful kaiju creations out there.

First, some pictures (and a video) of the making of the mold for what will be a 14 foot fiberglass Darkron (previously discussed here at Omni-Monster - just search for Carlos).

Also, some more shots of the awesome fiberglass Rabbit Boy!


Don't forget, Carlos will be one of the featured artists at the Toy Karma Toy Art Show which will be held at Rotofugi in Chicago on September 8, 2007 (curated by Mark Nagata). He will be there with figures for sale! This show “deals with the current crop of vinyl makers and how they are all influenced (directly or indirectly) by classic Bullmark and Marusan toys from Japan. It will be the first time a art show explores this connection plus show how US, Japanese and Global artists have taken those classic designs and morphed them into the current Kaiju Boom of toys.” More info about the Toy Karma Toy Art show (and Carlos' work) at Mark Nagata's Toy Karma Blog here and at the Toy Karma Toy Art Show website here. You can get to Rotofugi using this link.

Photos © 2007 Carlos Enriquez. All rights reserved.

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