Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kira by Amapro キーラー アマプロ

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This is Kira キーラー (Ultra Fighting Spirit Edition ウルトラファイト版) by Amapro アマプロ (Fierce Monstrous Beast series モーレツ怪獣シリーズ). Sometimes referred to as Key Ra. Limited to 100 pieces.

Beautiful purple vinyl with yellow, red, and silver painted highlights. Articulated at arms, legs, and neck. About 7 inches tall.

This figure has such great feeling and character! I really like it.

What's up with "Ultra Fighting Spirit"? According to the Absolute Ultraman website:

"'Ultra Fight,' an obscure series of satirical five-minute vignettes. The first thirty episodes are fight sequences culled from the original 'Ultraman' series, and are followed by similar footage from 'Ultraseven,' including the banned episode 12 (This information provided by Mark Schultz, who is knowledgeable about a laser disc version of 'Ultra Fight').

Later episodes are of new footage. The real Ultraseven costume from the series does battle with real or shabby replica costumes of various monsters from the past, some of which were originally used in live-action stage shows. The format is usually a human-sized Seven and at least two other monsters, who comically fight it out wrestling-style in some remote locale to no real conclusion, narrated by a professional sports announcer. The show is extremely low-budget, and often uses a hand-held camera. There weren't even any scripts. About ten episodes could be filmed in a day, so 195 were created in all, making this the most prolific of all Ultra series."



『ウルトラファイト』第151話「熱い子守唄」、第154話「狂熱のバラード」、第156話「俺の名はキーラー」、第158話「握手は終った」他に登場。 なぜか、キーラでなくキーラーと呼ばれた。ゴーロンとは旧知の仲である。時に雪山でゴーゴーダンスをたしなみ、また自分の名前や不意に飛んできた三度笠に異常な執着を見せた。殴られても蹴られても、とりつかれたようにリンゴをかじり続けた事もある。戦いの時には剣(木刀)や手斧を愛用する。特に剣を手に見せる居合いの技は他の怪獣を寄せ付けない。



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Jennifer said...

I've had my eye on this guy for a while now. Thanks for the cool pics!