Tuesday, April 03, 2007

CCP Hedorah ヘドラ (Green Eyes グリーンアイズ Version) Redux

Okie dokie! Some more pics of the CCP Hedorah from the CCP Artistic Monster Collection, Hedorah Project Series. Comes with small vinyl factory with smoke stack to provide toxic sustenance for Hedorah.

As usual, if you want the best view, click the pics to enlarge...

Photos © 2007 Geozilla Omni-Monster. All rights reserved.


Crotchbat said...

I think I love him.

Onibaba said...

These are the best eyes I've seen on a Hedorah. If manufacturers took as great of photos as you George their sales would increase dramatically!

J-freak zach said...

Do you have any info on this CCP SECRET BASE HEDORAH i bought it @ the 2008 SAN DIEGO COMIC CON this year they only made 30 it was an exclusive