Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Giant Garuban ガルバン by Bullmark ブルマァク

I am sure others have noticed that the sculpt, paint, and color palette of the Alien In Bus (see prior post) is very similar to that of the Garuban (also orange vinyl with metallic paints). The Garuban is "giant" sized: 12+ inches tall. Both the Alien In Bus and the Garaban are beautiful figures!

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Garuban appeared in the 1967 live-action show called "Captain Ultra." (Episode 3, Magnetic Monstrous Beast) (磁石怪獣ガルバンあらわる ガルバン) (1967.4.30)

「キャプテンウルトラ」登場 ガルバン
ガルバン キャプテンウルトラ成形色・青/ソフ トビニール製フィギュア/オレンジ/

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TriclopsRobotboy said...

I have this figure, picked him up in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo. He leapt off the shelf at me. Totally awesome

geozilla said...

Yes, he is one of my favorites too!