Monday, January 29, 2007

Alien In Bus (インバス星) from Silver Kamen

Alien In Bus (Inbas) from Silver Kamen.

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Orange vinyl with metallic paints. Standard-size. One of my favorite figures of recent times.

This figure is a joint project by Kaijuken and Dream Rocket. Kaijuken and Dream Rocket also collaborated on an Alien Tigris figure (also from Silver Kamen). (I will post pictures of the Alien Tigris figure later.

The Alien In Bus figure also included a small figure of the Alien Tigris figure (not shown here).

Alien In Bus appeared in Episode 20 (シルバーミサイル) of the Japanese TV show “Silver Kamen” (Silver Mask) from the 1970’s.

I am not sure of the significance, if any, of the small car near the figure's waist. Was Alien In Bus magnetic (or just making a fashion statement)? Anybody know?

ドリームロケット&怪獣軒 共同企画 シルバー仮面シリーズ 「シルバー仮面」&「シルバー仮面ジャイアント」より

Here is a shot of Silver Kamen, followed by a shot of Silver Kamen battling Alien Tigris.

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