Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Toygraph Godzilla トイグラフ ゴジラ

Standard size 1954 Godzilla (black vinyl with metallic paints - GID eyes and back fins). Set also includes Diver (Dr. Serazawa) carrying the "Oxygen Destroyer."

Photos © 2007 Geozilla Omni-Monster. All rights reserved.

From Wikipedia:

"... When night falls, Gojira surfaces from Tokyo Bay again. The monster easily breaks through the giant electric fence, without receiving any injury from that or the bombardment of shells. As Gojira breaks through the high-tension wires, he uses his radioactive breath that ignites anything in its path. The tanks and military are hopeless against Gojira. By the end of the night, the entire city is in a sea of fire, killing and wounding thousands of innocent civilians in its path. As Gojira wades into the sea, a squadron of jets fire missiles at the monster but Godzilla is unscathed as he descends once again into Tokyo Bay.

"By the next morning, the city is in absolute ruins. Hospitals are overrun with victims, many exposed to heavy doses of radiation. As Emiko sees the many victims of Gojira’s attack, she takes Ogata aside and tells him Serizawa’s dark secret, in hope that she can do something against Gojira. Serizawa had revealed to Emiko a destructive superweapon called the “Oxygen Destroyer,” a weapon that dissolves all oxygen in the water and disintegrates any form of life surrounding its path.

"The weapon is even more destructive than an atomic weapon. In conducting his research on oxygen, Serizawa came across the destructive power of what became the Oxygen Destroyer. Shocked by his discovery, Serizawa had vowed himself never to release his research in its present form, so that he may find a way that it would benefit society and not destroy it.
Ogata and Emiko visit Serizawa to ask that they use the weapon against Gojira. Serizawa refuses and storms down to his basement to destroy his creation. Ogata and Serizawa briefly fight each other until Ogata receives a wound to his head. As Emiko treats the wound, Serizawa apologizes. “If the Oxygen Destroyer is used even once, politicians from around the world will see it. Of course they’ll use it as a weapon,” Serizawa says. “Bombs versus bombs, missiles versus missiles, and now a new superweapon to throw upon us all. As a scientist — no, as a human being — I cannot allow that to happen.”
Ogata tries to convince Serizawa that he is the only one who could save the world. “Humans are weak animals,” Serizawa argues. “Even if I burn my notes, the secret will still be in my head. Until I die, how can I be sure I won’t be forced by someone to make the device again?”

"A grim television program appears on the air, showing the devastation caused by Gojira, along with prayers for hope and peace. Torn by what he’s witnessing, Serizawa ultimately decides to use his only Oxygen Destroyer, but only once. Serizawa then burns his research, knowing that this will be for the better of society.

"The next day, a navy ship takes Ogata and Serizawa to plant the device in Tokyo Bay. Serizawa requests that he be put in a diving suit to make sure the device is planted correctly. Ogata at first refuses but soon gives in. Ogata and Serizawa then descend into the water and soon find Gojira awake but resting. Seemingly unaware of the divers, the monster slowly walks around the ocean floor. Serizawa signals Ogata to surface as he plants the Oxygen Destroyer. As Serizawa watches Gojira dying from the destructive weapon, he cuts his cord and dies with Gojira, sacrificing himself so that his knowledge of the horrible weapon will surely not be known to the world. A dying Gojira surfaces, lets out a final roar, and sinks to the bottom, disintegrating into the ocean."

『ゴジラ (1954)』(第1作、1954年)に登場した架空の装置で、数あるゴジラ作品の 中で、ゴジラを完全に殺すことができた唯一の手段である。「水中酸素破壊剤」ともい い、発明者の芹沢大助博士が酸素の研究中に偶然発見したもの。劇中では詳細にはふれ られなかったが、特殊な物質を電磁的に反応させることにより水中の酸素を破壊、その 場にいる生物を一瞬のうちに死に至らしめ、さらに完全に液化してしまう。これを大量 殺戮兵器として悪用されることを恐れた芹沢はゴジラに対して使用する分だけを作り、一切の資料を処分した上で自らもゴジラと運命を共にし、その存在を闇に葬った。


Anonymous said...

I love Toygraph stuff and this set is no exception. I'm actually surprised Toygraph does not get as much love but maybe it's because it's got the Old skool style ... anyways always nice touches like the diver with the oxygen bomb .. cool pictures as always Geozilla !

max said...

I snapped up the green glow version of this figure. I've always wanted the oxygen destroyer to make some appearance in vinyl. I love the witty sculpt of Godzilla, and it's a pleasure to turn off the lights and see Godzilla's spines and eyeballs glow in addition to the Serizawa figure. I bought it acouple of months ago and I'm still delighted with the purchase.