Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brain Ear Monster by Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez!!!

This absolutely amazing figure is now the premiere piece in my collection, bar none. Thanks to Carlos, Mark Nagata of Max Toy Company, and Whitney and Kirby at Rotofugi in Chicago for making some of Carlos' work available at the Toy Karma Show that was held at Rotofugi in September. My photos do NOT do this figure justice.

Fiberglass sculpture. One of an edition of 8. 15 inches tall.

Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez is an artist from Caracas, Venezuela. His work is in the permanent collection of the Caracas Museum of Modern Art (Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas Sofía Ímber) and he has exhibited his kaiju and Astroboy influenced sculptures in other museums and galleries around world.

Mark Nagata has provided a very nice description of how these figures are made by Carlos:

"Carlos goes thru a rather hand intensive process on each figure. First each is carved in wood, than special molds are made, and from those fiberglass copies are made. [The figures that were offered at the Toy Karma show at Rotofugi in Chicago] only have 6-8 unique versions. After the raw casting is pulled, each one must be sanded down and patched up if needed. Once done each is primed for paint. Now the magic begins... very expensive auto paint with glitter in it is used to hand paint each figure. No two figures are the same... each has a subtle "fade" in it's painting... something that no photo can pick up... much like a low rider car, these figures simply glow in the sun! Since these figures are so limited the cost is not cheap. These are not toys or even customs.. but rather fine art, think Murakami or dare I say Warhol in approach. ... After each run is done the molds are destroyed and will never be released again."

You can read more here.

(Brain Ear Monster shown here with a Rainbow Barom 1 Kinokuruge.)

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