Friday, May 11, 2007

Kaijujitsu: Kitchen Table - Supper's Ready

These look good enough to eat!!!

Look for figures by Max Toy (Alien Xam), Max Toy/Dream Rocket (Balbagon), and a Baltan custom-painted by Koji Harmon!

Other figures by Amapro (アマプロ), M1Go (M1号), Marusan (マルサン), Yamanaya (やまなや), Tim Biskup, Kaijuken (怪獣軒), Marmit (マーミット), Emupaiya (えむぱい屋), AnrakuAnsaku, and Longneck.

[Click the pics to enlarge them. They look better that way.]

Photos © 2007 Geozilla Omni-Monster. All rights reserved.


honda said...

Geo really like this picture. It's like a candid family portrait before the portrait.

geozilla ジーヨジラ said...

Hello Honda!!!

Hope all is well.



Rozum said...

Beautiful stuff. If I didn't have vinyl envy before, I've got it now.